The Weirdness of Being. Heidegger’s Unheard Answer to the Seinsfrage

At the end of June, Acumen published Ivo De Gennaro‘s book The Weirdness of Being. Heidegger’s Unheard Answer to the Seinsfrage. The unitary intention of the texts that are assembled in this volume is to blaze trails for the Seinsfrage — that is, the other onset of thinking — to find its way into English speaking philosophy, or rather to indicate the need for such trails to be blazed within the English language as a language of thinking. Indeed, in spite of the great number of translations of Heidegger’s texts that are being produced, and the copious historicizing literature on his thinking, the Seinsfrage has as yet barely spoken in English. In other words, an English speaking echo to the Denkweg is yet to resound. The mentioned trails are notably some of the keywords of Heidegger’s Denkweg, such as Dasein, Geschichte, Möglichkeit, Wesen, and others, for which new translations are suggested and argued in this book.

Among the sources that the volume discusses are some of Heidegger’s posthumous treatises, notably Das Ereignis (Gesamtausgabe, Vol. 71).

Here you can download the Contents and the Preface of the book.