Poetry | Mary de Rachewiltz

eudia is delighted to open the new year with a poem by Mary de Rachewiltz.

Poet and translator Mary de Rachewiltz has published, a.o., Fifteen Poems (2015), For The Wrong Reason. Poems (2002), Canzoniere (2002), Whose World? Selected Poems (1998), Polittico. Poesie 1985-1995 (1996), Gocce che contano (1994), Processo in verso (1973), Di riflesso (1966), Il diapason (1965), the biographical volume Discretions (1971), as well as Italian translations of Ezra Pound’s, E. E. Cummings’, Robinson Jeffers’, James Laughlin’s and Marianne Moore’s poetry.


Paul Klee,  Teppich der Erinnerung (1914)

Mary de Rachewiltz — The pattern in the carpet