Parvis Emad – Translation and Interpretation


Zeta Books has just published Parvis Emad’s new book, “Translation and Interpretation. Learning from Beiträge. The volume consists of six essays, whose focus and hermeneutic core is Heidegger’s seminal text Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis), the treatise that explicitly inaugurates being-historical thinking. As the book makes clear, what is to be learned from Beiträge is precisely the new sense of interpretation and translation that emerges within being-historical thinking. In fact, this thinking is itself interpretive and translative in an unheard-of sense. Thus, the exercises of interpretation and translation that compose this book are themselves enactments of being-historical thinking, and therefore paths and crossings to other onset.

Here you can download the “Table of Contents”, the “Foreword” and the “Preface” of the book.